1. Battle of Aneblayse
    Danbleys, Danebleise, Denebleise

    A city in Cameliard, besieged by King Ryons. [More]

  2. Battle of Arfderydd

    A probably historical battle between British clans. According to the Annales Cambriae it occured in 573. [More].

  3. Battle of Arthuret
    Arderydd, Arfderydd

    Alternate form of Arfderydd. [More]

  4. Battle of Badon
    Battle of Badon Hill, Battle of Mount Badon
    Baddon, Baden, Badove, Vaddon

    The battle was fought sometime between the years 490 and 516. [More]

  5. Battle of Bamber Bridge

    Lancashire lore says this is the site of Arthur's last battle. [More]

  6. Battle of Barham Down
    Barendown, Bareon Downe

    Site of Arthur's second battle between him and Mordred. [More]

  7. Battle of Bassus

    A battlesite at the River Bassus. [More]

  8. Battle of Bath
    Battle of Mons Badonicus

    King Arthur defeated the Anglo-Saxons. [More]

  9. Battle of Bristol

    A battle between Uther and Saxons or Saracens. [More]

  10. Battle of Caerlaverlock
    'Fort Lark'

    A possible site of the battle of Arthuret. [More]

  11. Battle of Camlann
    Cambala, Camball, Camblan, Cambul, Cambula, Camel, Camelford, Camlan, Kamblan, Kemelen

    The site of the third and final battle between Arthur and Mordred. [More]

  12. Battle of Cat Coit Celidon

    A location in southern Scotland. [More]

  13. Battle of Catraeth

    The Gododdin speaks of a battle of Catraeth (possibly Catterick) which occured in about AD 600. Bradwen, a warrior, was killed at this battle, Cynon were one of few survivors, and Gwawrddur's prowess is compared to Arthur's.

  14. Battle of City of the Legions

    Arthur's ninth battle occured here. [More]

  15. Battle of Dane Hill
    Battle of River Glein

    A battle between Arthur and the Saxons. [More]

  16. Battle of Ealing

    A battle between Vortigern and Hengist. [More]

  17. Battle of Esterbury

    Some of Arthur's knights against Saxons and Irish. [More]

  18. Battle of Godelonte Narrows
    Gadelore, Godeloure, Godereile, de l'Ewe

    Hargodabrans was captured during this battle. [More]

  19. Battle of Guinnion

    A fortress. [More]

  20. Battle of Landsdown Hill

    Close to Bath, probably the site of the battle of Badon. [More]

  21. Battle of Lerline

    The La Tavola Ritonda gives a description of the death of King with a Hundred Knights at the battle of Lerline, where he fought alongside King Amoroldo of Ireland.

  22. Battle of Liddington Castle

    Located in Wiltshire and possibly the side of the battle of Badon. [More]

  23. Battle of Linnuis

    Nennius states Arthur won four battles here against the Saxons. [More]

  24. Battle of Llongborth

    An early Welsh legend puts this place as the site of an epic battle. [More]

  25. Battle of Metz
    Meyes, Moyses

    A city in Lorraine. [More]

  26. Battle of Mount Agned

    Location of Arthur's eleventh battle against the Saxons. [More]

  27. Battle of Rockingham
    Rokeingham, Rokingham

    A battle between Arthur and the rebellious kings. [More]

  28. Battle of Scholes Bank

    A battle site in Lancashire. [More]

  29. Battle of Slaughter Bridge

    A location in Cornwall said to be the site of the battle of Camlann. [More]

  30. Battle of Soissons
    Sessoine, Siesia, Soissie, Sosie, Suize

    In northern France, said to be the final battle between Arthur and Lucius. [More]

  31. Battle of Tregalen

    The site of Arthur's final battle, according to Welsh tradition. [More]

  32. Battle of Tribuit

    Possibly in Scotland. [More]

  33. Battle of Vellendrucher

    Arthur defeated the Danes here. [More]