1. Elias

    A duke - perhaps a vassal or ally of Arthur - who fought in a Castle of Maidens tournament.

  2. Elias

    One of Arthur's sages who lived in Toulouse.

  3. Elias

    The leader of a Saxon force that invaded the lands of King Mark of Cornwall.

    Mark was forced to send for Tristan (Tristram) to assist in repelling the invasion. After Tristan led a battle against Sir Elias and destroyed much of Eliasís force, Elias offered to fight any knight Mark could offer, one-on-one, to decide the conflict. Whichever side lost would have to pay an annual tribute to the other side. Tristan met Elias in the challenge. Elias proved to be an excellent knight, as good as Tristan, and it was only thoughts of Isolde that caused Tristan to win the battle and to mortally wound Elias. Eliasís men fled Cornwall, and his Saxon tribe paid an annual tribute to Cornwall thereafter.

  4. Elias

    A captain of the Sessoins and "a good man of arms", Elias commanded an invading Saxon host against King Mark. Elias led his men nobly in battle before Tintagil. After many of them were killed and the rest became loath to do battle again, he offered to settle the invasion in single combat.

    Mark's champion was Tristram. Elias put up a good fight. Tristram remarked at the end,

    Sir Elias, I am right sorry for thee, for thou art a passing good knight as ever I met withal, except Sir Lancelot.

    With Elias dead, Mark took prisoners and sent the rest of the Sessoins back to their own country.