A knight and sorcerer who engaged in an adulterous affair with Ysave, the wife of King Caradoc of Vannes and Nantes, and niece of Arthur. He substituted animals, a bitch, a sow and a mare, in the form of women, in King Caradoc’s bed, while he took his pleasure with Caradoc’s wife. Their affair produced a son named Caradoc Shortarm (Briefbas).

After his son became one of Arthur’s knights, Elďavrés visited Arthur’s court and challenged Caradoc to a deadly Beheading Game, but stopped short of killing him. Upon discovering his true parentage, Caradoc Shortarm informed King Caradoc, who locked his wife in a tower and forced Elďavres to copulate with a bitch, a sow, and a mare, by which Elďavres fathered, respectively, Guinalot, Tortain, and Lorigal.

The adulterers conspired to kill their son with a serpent, but were unsuccessful.