1. Florie

      In Wirnt von Grafenberg’s Wigalois, the wife of Gawaine and mother of Wigalois.

      A Syrian queen, she lived with her uncle King Joram, who brought Gawaine from Arthur’s court. Gawaine fell in love with Florie immediately, and married her. After remaining with her for several months, he left to return to Arthur’s court. When he tried to find his way back to Florie, he lacked a magical belt necessary to enter the land, and was never able to return to her. Florie raised Wigalois virtuously. After he left her to seek adventures, she died from heartbreak at the loss of her husband and son.

      Elsewhere she is called Floree, daughter of the King of Escavalon. Her counterpart in Renaut de Bâgé’s The Fair Unknown is Blanchemal.

    2. Florie

      The Queen of Kanadic, loved by Ilinot, Arthur's son. When Ilinot was killed in her service, Florie died of sorrow. Her land was inherited by her sister, Queen Kloudite.

    3. Florie of Lunel

      A beautiful maiden who served the Grail Family.