Galleron of Galway

Galaron, Galeron

A Scottish knight in The Awntyrs of Arthur whose lands were annexed by Arthur and given to Gawaine.

Angry, Galleron appeared at Arthurís feast at Rondoles Hall and challenged any of Arthurís knights to a duel. Gawaine fought with him at Plumpton. Galleron proved strong and seemed to be winning at the beginning. When Gawaine made a comeback, Galleron killed Gawaineís horse, Grissel. They fought for hours longer, and both were wounded severely but neither proved the victor. Finally, Galleron yielded to Gawaine and ended the combat. For his bravery, Gawaine bestowed upon Galleron all the lands that Arthur had annexed. Galleron was then made a Knight of the Round Table.

Galleron became Sir Palomides' godfather. Palomides had just struck Galleron down in single combat when Tristram came along, entered conversation with the Saracen knight, and asked why he was still postponing his baptism. Palomides replied that he had still one battle to do in the name of Christ before being baptized, in fulfillment of a vow he had made years before. Tristram borrowed the armor of the wounded Galleron and gave Palomides his battle. This formality over, Palomides was baptized by the Suffragan of Carlisle, with Tristram and Galleron as godfathers.

Malory names him, very briefly, as one of the attempted healers of Sir Urre and as one of the twelve conspirators who sought to catch Lancelot and Guenevere in flagrante and expose their affair to Arthur. Lancelot killed him in the battle outside Guenevereís chambers.