1. Hill Castle

      The lair of Malduit, a giant slain by Yvain.

    2. Hill of the Cat
      Mons du Chat, Mont du Chat

      A knoll next to Lake Lausanne in France or Italy where Arthur slew a giant devil cat in the Vulgate Merlin. The evil cat, which had been born when a fisherman broke a promise to God, had terrorized the region for many years. Prior to Arthurís defeat of the cat, the hill was called the Hill of the Lake.

      The monster defeated by Arthur recalls the Cath Palug of Welsh legend. The author of Merlin may be referring to Catís Tooth, a hill in Savoy.

    3. Hill of the Spring

      The location of Sir Tericam's prison, which held such knights as Hector, Lionel and Gaheris, before Tericam was killed by Lancelot.

    4. Hill of Wretches
      Tertre as Caitis

      The residence of Druas the Cruel, who made a tradition of slaying passing knights. It was renamed Agravain's Hill when Agravain killed Druas and ended the hill's customs.