1. Mortal

      An evil castle. Its king was Percevalís maternal uncle, but the kingís family disavowed him because of his evil ways.

      The king attacked the Castle of the Galleys and the Grail Castle (Carbonek). The latter belonged to his own brother, the Fisher King.

      The king fled from Perceval at the Castle of the Galleys. He seized the Grail Castle upon the Fisher Kingís death, but Perceval re-conquered it. Beholding his own defeat, the King of the Castle Mortal threw himself off the Grail Castleís battlements to his death.

    2. Mortal Lay

      Knight of the Round Table who was defeated outside Camelot by Tristan.

    3. Morganore

      A lay composed by Tristan after he discovered Kahedinís love for Isolde. Tristan soon went insane.