1. New Castle

      A castle in the northern forest of Broceliande, where two young noble cousins, Galescalain (Galeshin) and Gawain, met and decided to oppose their fathers by taking service with Arthur.

    2. New Castle
      Le Noef Castel

      A castle in King Clarionís Northumberland, ruled under Clarion by Minoras.

    3. New Table
      Tavola Nuovo

      Italian literature distinguishes between the Tavola Vecchio ('Old Table') and the Tavola Nuovo ('New Table'); that is, the Round Table fellowships commanded by Uther Pendragon and Arthur.

      Utherís Old Table seems to have been composed primarily of brawny, brash knights, while Arthurís New Table was known for its justice, courtliness, and virtue.