Malory calls Sir Phariance "a worshipful knight".

When Ulfius and Brastias brought Arthur's call for support to kings Ban and Bors, Phariance and Lionses were the two "knights of worship" sent to greet the Britons. Phariance and Lionses accompanied Ban and Bors to Britain and fought nobly in the battle of Bedegraine.

The Vulgate picks up a somewhat less flattering sequel. While a retainer of King Bors, Phariance killed another knight, for which Bors banished him. Phariance changed sides and became a retainer of King Claudas. Claudas loved Phariance's wife and made Phariance seneschal of Gannes for her sake. After King Bors' death, Phariance confiscated Bors' two sons, Lionel (aged twenty-one months) and young Bors (aged nine months). Phariance and his nephew Lambegus thus became the tutors of Lionel and Bors.

After Seraide's rescue of the two boys from Claudas' court, Claudas threw Phariance and Lambegus into prison, but Lionses used a ruse to accomplish their rescue. Phariance and his family were brought to the French Lake, where Phariance eventually died.

His wife remained with Viviane, and his sons Anguins and Tatains went on to become gallant knights.

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