1. Titurel

      A Knight of the Round Table in Hartmann's Erec whose name was probably the source for Wolfram's Titurel.

      Hartmann may have taken the name from Tydorel, the hero of a non-Arthurian Breton lay.

    2. Titurel

      The first Grail King and the builder of the Grail castle in Wolfram’s Parzival.

      Wolfram may have adopted the name from Hartmann von Aue’s character. Titurel was Perceval’s great-grandfather. After receiving the Grail under holy circumstances, Titurel became the patriarch of the Grail Family. His son, Frimutel, was also a Grail King but was slain in a joust. His daughter was named Rischoyde.

      As a youth, Titurel was an adventurous knight. He fell sick with a laming disease and became bedridden in the Grail Castle of Munsalvæsche. Sustained by the Grail, he lived for several generations to advise his family. He was still alive when Perceval became the new Grail King.