'Hill people'

Icelandic Elves.

They possess bodies and rational spirits, marry, have children, own cattle and other property, have poverty and riches, weeping and laughter, human affections, and have the length of their lives decided by God. Their political system is also like that of the Icelanders. Two viceroys rule over each tribe, and at the end of two years, they sail to Norway with some of their subjects to report to the ruler.

Their subjects testify toward their charcacters, and if the viceroys have been bad, others are appointed in their positions. Newborn infants are prone to be taken by them if left unbaptised, and are replaced with the umskiptinger, or changelings.

They live in the rocks, hills and sea, and may appear when it pleases them, usually when the sun is bright as they rarely see it in their dwellings. Sometimes on new year's night, they will change their habitations, and one can confront them in the roads at this time to get them to tell the future, but most, seeking favour with them, leave out food for them, and keep their doors open on that night.

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